There are over 10,000 puppy mills in the united     
states.   Puppy mills arecommercial kennels where the
adult dogs are kept in cages twenty four     hours a
day.  Some of them never see daylight or feel grass
under their feet.  They are kept in filth (often times in
their own excrement) and often fed the minimal amount
of food to stay alive.  Long hair breeds are usually
covered in hair mats made up of hair, urine and feces.  
They are not socialized and rarely receive veterinarian
care. The people running these puppy mills almost
never allow anyone to see where they house their adult

If the owners of the puppies refuse to allow you to see
where they keep the adult dogs, walk away.  We
understand that you could bring in bacteria and viruses
on your shoes and clothing.  Therefore, a good breeder
should allow you to peak in
the door of the kennel or look in the windows to see
their dogs.  A good breeder will ask you not to come to
see their puppies until you have showered and changed
clothes, if you have been at a shelter or another kennel
that day.  This is to lesson the chances of the puppies
picking something up from the other places.  They will
ask you to wash your hands prior to picking their
puppies up. You should at least be able to see the
Mother in person, unless the puppy was the pick of the
litter, to evaluate her health and disposition.  If the
puppy is the pick of the litter you should be able to see
pictures of her Mother and be able to contact the owner
of the mother dog.  Some times the Father is at another
breeder’s facility and can’t be seen.  However, you
should be able to see
pictures of him and be able to contact the stud owner.  
As long as you purchase puppies from puppy mills, dogs
will suffer incomprehensible lives in cages without
proper care.  Do you want this to continue?  You can be
part of the solution.  If you and everyone else refuse to
buy puppies from them, they will be going out of

Many pet stores buy from these places.  Be very
careful, when buying from a pet store.  

Florida law does not allow a breeder to sell a puppy
before it is eight weeks of age.  The breeder cannot sell
a puppy without a Health Certificate from a licensed
Veterinarian.  Never purchase a puppy without these

God made all creatures great and small.  He made you
their guardian.  Their lives’ are in your hands.

God bless,

Jan Shoemaker
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